Great News!! Discount Code for you!

No recipe today, but what I have is even sweeter. We all love food but we love discounts too! I’m excited to share that I have 15% off all Toffeln products for you! All you have to do is click this link and claim your Coupon Code!

But wait who or what is Toffeln? Toffeln are a company devoted to making sure your feet are happy! As a patisserie student I spend hours on my feet a day, and the same can be said for many health care working professionals, even retail assisstants and waiting staff!

In a year we over spend by purchasing cheaply made shoes that give us comfort only for a short period of time before either running to buy another air or suffering throught the pain of each step we have to take. This is a fantastic opportunity to made one purchase and forget about aching feet once and for all!

“Helping healthcare professionals to have healthier, supremely well supported feet. Because we know what a lifetime of wearing ill-prepared and poorly designed footwear can do to your tender toes and hardpressed arches…..Combining the functional and the fashionable to create ergonomically designed, super lightweight footwear you’ll feel reassuringly comfortable in and proud to walk around in. Footwear that will make every minute of those long working shifts seem shorter. ” Toffeln

Learn More about the Science behind their technology here:

Check out these amazing non-slip clogs I purchased, Look at that orange insole!! They really combine style with comfort and protection.

They also included a pack of Haribo jellies in there but I ate them quicker than I could take a photogaph…woops.

Make sure to check them out, and share with your friends and family so they dont have achy feet too!

Click here for coupon code worth 15% off:

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