Whiplash at Winter Wonderland

In celebration of finishing our exams, some of my classmates and I went to London’s winter wonderland in Hyde Park, a fair which comes around every year in light of the festive season from November 21st to January 5th. I’ve been to quite a few fairs, but none compare to this! Winter wonderland is simply just spectacular. Despite the misfortune that ensued me, I would visit again and again without fail.

What you can do at winter wonderland!

Winter wonderland is so big you could probably walk around it for a whole day and still not go all the way through it! In fact, when we wanted to leave, it took us a while to find the exit, once you’re in there you just get lost in buzz and grandeur….So keep your kids close! Everywhere you turn and look there is something going on. However, all of this fun comes at a cost! With each ride costing £6, it’s safe to say we stuck to the churros and candy floss for most of the night but we were still able to thoroughly enjoy it. There is just so much winter wonderland has to offer, and there is something for everyone.

You can watch a variety of live shows in the circus megadome if you want something on the mellower side, or for the extreme opposite fly to and drop out of the sky on one of the rides, of which I seriously think there are 100 or more! When you’ve exhausted all that energy, you can enjoy the very wide and I mean wide range of street food there. When the sweet tooth kicks in you’ll be spoiled with choice from all the creperies, confectionary and churros stands also serving hot beverages. They even have a whole Bavarian village with live music and more food & drink available. Children are not exempt from all of the fun either… yes I know you forgot that this place is probably more geared to our younger counterparts. Take them along and visit the land of santa, with a workshop and elves, childrens rides, loads of games, and yes you guessed it, more food!

Too much of a good thing is bad for you

There are only so many churros one can have, so we decided to go on a ride that we could all enjoy. It’s no surprise that bummer cars won the vote, I mean…Who doesn’t like bumber cars?

I’ve been on bumper cars many many times, and I really do enjoy the whole experience, I’m actually always sour about how short of a time they give you to go around, however, this went on for ages! If a regular turn on bumper cars lasts about 5 minutes, then this one must have lasted 10! Everytime I thought it would end, it just kept going and going.

The whole point of bumper cars is that you bump and get bumped… Duh! You never think about what could go wrong. A few moments before it ended, I got bumped for the nth time! This one was different though, I have never been bumped as hard as I was at that moment! Before my brain could process how it had been shaken, bang! Another, right from the back this time, and that was it. Let’s not be dramatic and say there were stars swirling around my head but safe to say, I felt woozy and everything stopped! No seriously everything did stop, it was time to get off the ride.

I’m not the kind of person to ruin everyone’s fun by sharing my ailments, sometimes it’s a good thing, but other times… eh, not so much. I found my footing and hopped along to the next thing because honestly after a few moments I felt fine-ish, ever bang your head getting into a car? Your head might feel terrible for like 2 minutes and then after that, you feel fine. So I paid no attention to it and eventually went home as one does, collapsed onto my bed and slept.

I didn’t need an alarm the next morning though, the headache that run was more than enough! I wasn’t about to miss my opportunity to make chocolate truffles in class that morning, so I dosed myself with panadol and went to school.

The headache seemingly disappeared but like whack a mole, you hit one, and the next comes up. The longer I went about my day the more my neck decided to start seeking attention.

Fast forward to the following day and I couldn’t turn my head without complaint, the headache was back and being persistent, so perhaps it was time to go see a doctor.

What a hypochondriac

No one wants to be stuck at an A&E on a Saturday night, you just know that the drunk guy who slipped in the bar and slashed his face will be put ahead of you. Which all in all is fair enough, so I decided to go the following morning. I’m naturally not a good sleeper, so when my mind actually has something to think about…. sleep who?

Was I going to just go unconscious in my sleep? Would tomorrow be too late? What if I ended up in emergency surgery, would I go blind? I’m pretty sure my eyes were sensitive to light a few minutes ago (of course they were, my phone was on full brightness and i’d switched off the light)! The quick answers to all of these is no, no and no! I am still a healthy, fully functioning human being… for now!

I went to A&E the next morning, of course I waited 3 hours, but I eventually got seen. I got examined (she poked my neck in a few places). “Whiplash” she said, which I had lowkey suspected. All I had to do was take more panadol and ibuprofen. I won’t lie it was bittersweet, I mean I wait 3 hours in A&E so you can tell me to continue doing what I was doing. I want the hardcore stuff, for my journey at least! This is why people avoid these things, most of the time it’s nothing, but I guess you get peace of mind and all that nonsense. Peace of mind didn’t satisfy me though, so I asked to get my BP taken… Figured I might as well, that was good too so I had to leave. All that was on my mind now, was if I should ever go on bumper cars again?

Final Thoughts

I’m 100% fine now and I don’t regret going to Winter wonderland at all, nor do I regret going on the bumper cars. I would and definitly will go again! Sometimes you just get unlucky, it shouldn’t stop you from creating memories and experiencing new things! This was actually by far one of the least terrible things that could have happened… Have you ever seen final destintion? I rest my case!

P.S. It’s a totally great instgramable spot…. just saying!

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