Crispy Mushroom Rigatoni

Everyone loves a good pasta dish. We all have our favourites, the ones that we go back to time and time again. This is a definite one for me and once you try it, it will surely be one of yours too! The ingredients list for this one is simple. We are going to use … Continue reading Crispy Mushroom Rigatoni

Sourdough Bread Starter: Sourdough Series P. I

I'm making sourdough bread and thought we could make it together. This is the first day I'm making the starter and I will update this post everyday untill it's ready to make into a delicious sourdough loaf. You will need: 50% wholewheat and 50% all purpose flour or Rye or plain all purpose flour.Bottled water … Continue reading Sourdough Bread Starter: Sourdough Series P. I

Quick and Delicious Scones

For me there's nothing like afternoon tea with light and buttery scones to warm up winter days. Scones are super simple to make and don't take long to bake at all. Within an hour you can have freshly baked, warm and delicious scones. Who can resist that? Everything that you need to make them, you … Continue reading Quick and Delicious Scones

Quick Chicken and Mushroom Pizza

Nothing tastes better than homemade pizza done right! Who doesn't love a good pizza? I have an easy delicious recipe for you everyone will love. What's great is you can make pizza in advance, freeze it, and bake. There you go, homemade pizza whenever you want. Every great pizza starts off with a great dough … Continue reading Quick Chicken and Mushroom Pizza

How to make a finding Nemo cake

To make this finding nemo cake, I’m using one of my favourite recipes: my simple vanilla cake. Why complicate the matter with a complicated batter? I used two10 inch and one 8 inch cake tins, (WARNING) This is a big cake. We go big or we go home! The Ingredients: 1kg 50g/36oz/4 1/2cups Butter softened … Continue reading How to make a finding Nemo cake